“Man I’m so excited to finally go to a con and get to cosplay. I want…”
Holiday Matsuri for my friend’s birthday! We’re going to be punk renditions of the main Sailor Senshi! I may also end up going to next Megacon, but that’s a wait and see deal. 
De La Soul Supa Emcees
De La Soul
Supa Emcees


De La Soul - Supa Emcees

From Stakes is High (1996)

I just watched a documentary on Netflix about pedophilia. I wasn’t aware that there are three different branches of pedophilia: infantophilia, pedophilia, and hebephilia. However, the media has used pedophilia an an umbrella term to define sexual contact with a minor. Yet, in reality, the cause for sexual attraction to a 4 year old is greatly different from an attraction to a 14-15 year old. 

I was doing some research after watching it and discovered that ephebophilia is the attraction to later adolescents (ages 15-19) and that by technical terms is not even considered pedophilia. 

Very interesting.